Blue Lioness
Blue Lioness by Vijaya Schwartz is the third book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series.

Ariela can't believe that the King and Queen are dead and the last rational voice in the Council of Princes to protect the humans is gone. The mutants are an advanced race who rules the world, controlling the human population. Ariela may be human in appearance, but she and her brother Talsin have mutant parentage. Ariela and Talsin's grandmother Lady Naya, a mutant, had them study from the secret archives against mutant rules in case they ever needed the knowledge in the future. Ariela and Talsin watch in horror as Brother Kohl declares himself as ruler as the oldest mutant. King Dragomir Exhiled Kohl a century ago for betraying his people. The few people who object are killed to gain compliance of the masses. Ariela hears a voice in her head to drop and seconds later an arrow meant to kill her was averted. Ariela sees Lady Esperana, the Kings daughter, with the most compelling, unique man she's ever seen. Starro, Crown Prince of the Star Children, can't take his eyes off the warrior woman, Ariela. The star Children claim an inheritance from the heavens and are determined to protect the world from the dangers to come, but has their isolation and arrogance prepared them for the fight ahead? Will Ariela find a way to protect the humans from the newly proclaimed leader Kohl? Will Starro and Ariela get a chance to explore their instant attraction in spite the obstacles to come?

Ms. Schartz's new book Blue Lioness is a fast paced and compelling story that held me spell bound from the start. I was saddened to read about the death of the King and Queen especially when their legacy of peace was destroyed when Leader Kohl immediately took over and threatened the humans into submission. Lady Naya was very smart to allow Ariela and Talsin to study the archives, giving them the knowledge to help save their people. It was incredible how Starro protected Ariela when he first saw her, knowing his father the King would never accept her as his mate. Starro's advanced psychic abilities were fascinating to experience as he used them to help Ariela save her people. I was horrified how Kohl's evil and heartless demands lead him to kill anyone in his way. I was inspired how many of the mutants were willing to stand with the humans even though it seemed like a lost cause to gain their freedom. I for one can't wait to read Noah's Ark the next book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series.

Reviewed by: Teresa