The Eighth Witch
Four centuries ago, witch hunters killed the seven Yardley sisters. The seventh sister gave birth to a daughter before dying. Now, years later, the residents of Ravensbridge have a big problem to fear - the eighth witch. She has returned to get her revenge for her family.

Robert Carter is a ghost hunter. He met Annie Ryder when she was staying at the Institute of Psychic Research. When he went to Ravensbridge to visit Annie, she asks him to help investigate the recent deaths there.

For anyone looking to read a good scary book then you should check out The Eighth Witch. This book is a Department 18 novel, a series of novels that authors Len Maynard and Mick Sims aka Maynard Sims have written together. This book can be read as a standalone novel from the series.

I sure would not want to mess with the eighth witch. She was mean. This book would make a good movie. The only reason that I gave this book a four angel rating is because I felt like for reading, this book was a bit too long but for a movie, it's the right length. The deaths in this story are gruesome, but something that I would expect from a horror book. The ending was a SYFY ending, something I would get from watching a SYFY movie. It was alright, but not worth all of the hype and build up. Overall, it was still a good book.

Reviewed by: Cheryl