Light in a Dark World
Kyle, also known as the Betrayer and demon lord Kailkiril'ron, is Lucifer's servant and son. Kyle dared to do the one thing that was unforgivable, he betrayed his father by falling in love. His punishment is to live off the blood of the kind he betrayed his father for. He also lost his soul, which he would spend the rest of his existence trying to get it back.

Nikolai, a hunter for the Destrati, is to find the Betrayer and destroy him. While on the hunt, he finds more than he bargains for in a human woman named Katrina. He can't understand it but he is drawn to her. Nikolai feels like she is his other half. Kyle, knowing how this feels, decides to help Nikolai. This is unheard of because the Destrati are different from other Vampires; they try to save those who have bargained their souls for immorality. The Destrati are also known as betrayers and everyone is wondering how and why these two betrayers would work together to make a difference.

This is one of those books that draws all your attention, but is also confusing at times. You wonder why you're reading it but you just can't put it down. I enjoyed this book and I wonder if there will there be another one. I felt as if I was left hanging on so many levels and wonder if I'm going to be left to draw my own conclusion as to what the ending is to so many unanswered questions I have.

Reviewed by: Dee