Blood Bonds
Blood Bonds by Ashlynne Laynne is the second book in The Progeny series.

Ascher's birth was a miracle for all vampires, especially the members of the Rousseau Family. He was born from a vampire father and a human mother so he had characteristics of both, fulfilling one of the prophecies that rock the vampire world. Living between two worlds was never easy, but once Ascher saw Shauna, he knew she would be his. Shauna fell in love with Ascher and accepted him as he was. Unfortunately, things went bad when Ascher's ex-fiancÚ attempted to enact her revenge, causing Shauna to miscarry in the process. Still dealing with their loss, Ascher and Shauna continue with their plans to seal, the vampire version of marrying, which will bond them for eternity. Shauna also has to deal with the abuse her and her sister Katy dealt with growing up, while exploring her recently uncovered Wiccan powers. Katy and Ascher's brother, Gabe, begin to explore their feeling for each other under Shana's watchful eye. Things begin to spiral out of control as old enemies arise threatening everything Shauna, Katy, Ascher, and Gabe have gained as they fight for their lives and the lives of everyone they care for.

This incredible story picked up where the earlier book ended while also giving the reader more insight over Ascher's past. I'm fascinated with how the prophecies that Ascher was supposed to fulfill turned out to be concocted, until the lies were uncovered. Ascher's determination to follow his heart was the only thing that saved him before they found out what the predictions really were. Shauna's growing Wiccan abilities don't seem to have any boundaries and I can't wait to see how far Shaun and Katy's powers will go. It was delightful how their Wiccan friends were determined to bond together to help protect them from the dangers ahead. I will be waiting to find out Shauna, Katy, Ascher and Gabe's fate as they fight the coming evil.

Reviewed by: Teresa