Rescue My Heart
Adam Connelly had a rough childhood and teenage years where his wild ways got him in trouble more than once. The one bright spot for him during that time was his relationship with Holly Reid. When a tragic accident has Adam facing a judge, Holly's dad suggests that Adam sign up with the National Guard. Adam does just that, and breaks Holly's heart by telling her that he won't be returning to Sunshine, Idaho.

Now Adam has returned home to Idaho and the animal clinic ran by his brothers. He's still dealing with the trauma of his overseas stint with the National Guard and looking for some peace and quiet. But, when Holly comes to him for help looking for her father, Adam's quiet comes to an abrupt end. As the pair start searching the Bitterroot Mountains, they must deal with their past and decide if they can risk their hearts again.

Rescue My Heart is the third book in the Animal Magnetism series from author Jill Shalvis. This sinuous, scorching hot story is sure to heat up even the coldest winter nights. Adam and Holly were appealing, irresistible characters that kept the storyline hopping with excitement and pulsing with sensuality. Holly was a strong character that never backed down, but could see the lingering pain that Adam still struggled with. Adam was one the strong, silent, sexy heroes that Ms. Shalvis creates so effortlessly.

Rescue My Heart is a wickedly sexy tale that quickly burrows into your heart as you experience Adam and Holly's emotional journey described with impeccable detail.

Reviewed by: Tammy