Crucible of Fate
Crucible of Fate by Mary Calmes is the third book in the Change of Heart series.

After a fight for leadership of all werepanthers, Domin Thorne became the Semal-aten, or tribe leader, of the werepanther capital of Sobek. There were many issues to be dwelt with and Domin used every bit of knowledge he learned from his semel Logan Church, Jin's husband, with his innate cleverness to outwit any opposition. Unfortunately, being an outsider from Sobek makes man people deny him as the true leader of sobek, but he finds allies in his staff and the old semel-aten's yareah, mate, Ebere El Masry supports him. Months go by as Domin learns to trust those around him allowing Yuri, his mate, to go about his duties even when they separate them. Soon Domin learns that there are those who will go to any lengths to unseat him; even if that means the death of Jin's beset, companion, Crane. Crane pulls out his trump card when he involves Jin in a challenge without Logan's knowledge. Things begin to unravel when Yuri disappears as a conflict between two tribes heat up. Will Domin find a way to cement his leadership before tragedy strikes? Will Yuri find his way home?

This incredible series has held me riveted form the start bringing the characters to life. I have the first three books in audio format and love how they add even more life to the characters. The changes in Domin over the course of the series with all he has endured brought him to become the wonderful leader that he is today. The evolving love between Yuri and Domin was wonderful to read as they began to trust in their love for each other. I enjoyed how Jin and Logan played an important part in this story as their lives continue. It was fascinating to read about the difficulties between the different werepanther packs caused distrust and dissention that needed outside mediation. It was wonderful how Yuri stepped up to protect weaker werepanthers who were threatened, but that would be expected by someone as powerful as he was. This series is defiantly a must read for anyone who enjoys a great love story.

Reviewed by: Teresa