Future Present
Anna loves her boyfriend of three years, but today she could scream at the position he has put her in. It's a few days before Christmas and he informs her that he's invited friends for a dinner party. She manages to put together a nice dinner for his friends and one friend in particular, Harris, catches her eye and has her body instantly reacting. The next day, when Harris stops by to pick up the gloves he left, nether can deny their attraction and they make love. Anna is overcome with guilt when Robert comes home. However, she recovers when he surprises her with a cabin vacation for Christmas.

When their plans to spend Christmas at a co-worker's cabin are changed to include Harris and his girlfriend, Anne is panicked. The drive up is agonizing; she's dreading this trip and seeing Harris. When he shows up alone, Anna is nervous and tries to avoid him at all costs. But Harris has other plans, and is all over her every time that Robert turns his back. Anna loves her boyfriend but she can't deny the fireworks that Harris sets off in her. On Christmas morning, Robert proposes to her and gives her a very unusual Christmas gift. He admits that he setup the encounter with Harris as a Christmas gift to her. Stunned, all Anna can think of is Merry Christmas to her as she begins unwrapping her gift.

Alternative lifestyles have become the new fad between many couples. This story was interesting to read because it was the boyfriend who initiated the encounter. Anna's boyfriend must really have loved her to give her another man as a gift, not many men would do that. One thing I did like about the story is that Anna's love for her boyfriend never faltered, even when the passion of another man consumed her. What if our society started giving each other as gifts? Things that make you go hmmm...

Reviewed by: Pam S.