Fate's Second Chance
Fate's Second Chance by A.J. Jarrett is the first book in the Twists of Fate series.

Marie never thought her life would end by taking an earlier plane home, and all she can think of is leaving her sister Serena and her best friend Shawn behind. You'd think that was the end of the story, but it's just the beginning. Marie wakes up in Limbo with her guardian angel Ross to learn that there's been a mistake. She was supposed to be born a male and Shawn, who is gay, is her soul mate. Ross finally gets the chance to fix his mistake when she was born, but the catch is they have only four weeks to get Shawn to fall in love with her living as Marc. Marc can't tell anyone about this, but who would ever believe him in the first place? Marc/Marie settles in his new body and Shawn immediately is attracted to him, but there's a difference between lust and love. Will Marc find the love he's always craved? Can Shawn accept and believe such an outlandish story?

The idea that Ross made a mistake with Marie allowed the reader to see him as not just a celestial being, but also one who blunders through just like the rest of us. Ross's ability to read Marc's mind was as fascinating at times as it was intrusive. I can't imagine how uncomfortable Marie must have felt as a woman, but experiencing the wonder and happiness when Marie became a man gave me some insight on how transsexuals must feel. The way Serena accepted Marc's explanation and her joy having her family back was beautiful. If someone ever came to me with such a crazy story, I figure I might react like Shawn did, but once Shawn realized what was at stake he fought for his man. It was fascinating how Ross was able to keep Marc's true appearance from Shawn and Serena until after he admitted his love for Marc.

Reviewed by: Teresa