The Progeny
The Progeny by Ashlynne Laynne is an erotic paranormal romance.

Ascher has always hated when it was his birthday because it reminded him that he was a half-blooding, half-vampire and half-human and he thinks he's an abomination. He has an ageless, youthful human appearance with the strength and need for blood from his vampire side. Asher's brothers talk him into joining them at their bar to feed, and he's irresistibly drawn to Shauna, the new employee. Shauna feels their instant connection, but Ascher's off-putting attitude doesn't sit well with her. Between Shauna's delicious smell and special blood (she's a vegetarian, doesn't drink alcohol, and is a virgin) he can barely keep from bleeding her. Shauna had a difficult childhood being raised by strictly religious parents, with her interest in everything paranormal, until her family banned her from even seeing her sister Katy. Ascher knows that his feelings for Shauna are at odds with his arranged sealing with Ursula, a vampire who he finds abhorrent, but if he backs out, it could cause a war with her clan. Is Ascher and Shauna's love strong enough to with stand the trials ahead?

The Progeny is an incredible saga with characters that come to life for the reader. Ascher is an interesting combination with his thirst for blood, and paranormal abilities that are at odds many times with his very human look on life. His struggle to combine both sides of his personality was fascinating, but the way everything came together after he met Shauna was beautiful. The instant attraction between them and the acceptance of their differences was wonderful. I was intrigued when Shauna began to manifest abilities that indicated to the reader there was more to her than met the eye. I was spellbound until the end by this entrancing story and larger than life characters. The blending of the paranormal abilities with that of witches added an interesting twist to this story. This is Ms. Laynne's first published work and I'm sure it won't be her last!

Reviewed by: Teresa