Twinkle, Twinkle
Twinkle, Twinkle by Josephine Myles is part of the 2010 Dreamspinner Advent Calendar.

When Tom Berriman left his hometown to become a doctor, he never imagined he would return home to work at the local hospital emergency room. Christmas has never meant much to him and all of the decorations are just too tacky for him, until sees the most gorgeous pair of legs, belonging to the local electrician. Vincent was called into the ER to check out the wiring and was electrocuted. He awakens to see his high school crush, Tom, caring for him in the hospital. After assessing his patient, Tom realizes that it's Vincent, a boy his friends used to tease unmercifully and who Tom never forgot. Vince invites Tom out for drinks after work and before Tom realizes it, he agrees. Vince believes that his lost lover Justin is somehow looking after him and has led him to Tom. Will Tom find more than just the Christmas spirit this holiday?

It was beautiful to experience how Vince's love for Justin didn't change after his death, but lead him on to find a new love. The way some young adults think it's okay to tease and bully kids is terrible, but understanding how the past affected Tom was fascinating. Many people dislike the Christmas holiday and it's sad that they never feel the wonder and joy of the season. Tom's transformation from not caring about the holiday to gaining a love reminds me what the Christmas spirit is all about.

Reviewed by: Teresa