Friends Upgrade
Judith likes where she is in life, she has a rewarding profession, a nice condo and a great BFF that just happen to be a male. Doug is a handsome guy that all her girlfriends drool over, but he was "just" Doug to her. She and Doug have been friends for ten years and although she dreams of hot, mind-blowing sex with him every night, she will never tell him. "Sex ruins friendships" she lives by that motto.

Doug's had feelings for Judith for years and has never told her, but things are about to change when he makes reservations for the two of them at a couples bed and breakfast. The B & B is beautiful, but Judith blows up when he tells her that he has feelings for her and runs away. When he finds and confronts her, she breaks down and confides in him of a past friendship that turned sour because sex became involved. Doug is determined to convince her to follow her true feelings and give them a chance to - upgrade their friendship.

Most people will only find one true friend in their lifetime because true friendships are very hard to find. If you are lucky enough to find that person that you can talk to about anything and they won't judge you, you hold on to them. I enjoyed the topic of this story because many people face this situation with mixed emotions. Each decision is for reasons personal to each individual. Sex can indeed ruin a friendship but it can also turn a friendship into something more meaningful and intimate.

Reviewed by: Pam S.