Somewhere the Bells Ring
After smoking pot at school and being caught with a boy in her bedroom, Bailey is sent to live in a relation's ancestral home in the country. Far from finding it boring, Bailey is soon entangled in the mystery and intrigue of a love story from generations past. When Eric arrives home she finds she has strong feelings for him that soon become entwined with the mystery and romance of the past. Eric's attraction to Bailey is strong from the start, but he is filled with doubts. He wonders if her experimentation with pot has affected her mind as at first he finds it difficult to understand her obsession with Edward and Clare's love. Later he also becomes worried that Bailey will be impressed with his guitar-playing hippie friend. In spite of all this, Bailey and Eric find themselves drawn together and working together against the clock to find a gift that Clare had hidden for her husband many Christmases ago.

Somewhere The Bells Ring is a haunting but strangely comforting read, focusing on timeless romance rather than spooky or scary scenes. The author is extremely talented at creating vivid scenes; her intricate descriptions leave the reader with vivid images and a strong sense of time and place. I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for an intriguing, gripping ghost story with a focus on romance rather than terror.

Reviewed by: Stephanie E.