Tristan's Temptation
Tristan's Temptation is the sequel to Adam's Obsession and for best reading enjoyment, the stories should be read in order. However, it could be read as a standalone if needed.

Tristan's had a hard and fast rule: no dating coworkers. This means he can't even approach his assistant Shannon Weiss-even though his brother, Adam, managed to find love with his own assistant. Tristan's had the hots for Shannon ever since he interviewed her a long time ago, but has never acted on his desires. He doesn't even know how she feels about him...

Shannon has wanted Tristan from the moment she met him. And lately she's tired of him throwing his stupid rule in everyone's face. She's going to seduce him until he can't say no to her. But the more they succumb to hot, steamy sex, the more he says no one can ever know. She loves him but doesn't know how long she can hang on. Will he realize she's the best thing ever to happen to him before she gives up on him entirely?

I loved watching Tristan and Shannon go back and forth. He continually returned to her, had molten lava sex, only to tell her they couldn't do it again. She placed herself in the role of aggressor, until she realized she would love to be in the shoes of she who is wooed vs. she who is doing the wooing. The tension between this couple, regardless of the sex, was completely entertaining. I found myself waiting with bated breath to read if Tristan would eventually capitulate, and if he'd do so before it was too late. Tristan's Temptation: a thoroughly fun, dizzyingly sexy read!

Reviewed by: Bella