Deadly Secrets
Deadly Secrets by Savannah Hartley is the first book in the Dark Kings of Eternity.

Jamie Dexson wants to live a normal life, but for him that is impossible. Jamie, with his mother and her partner Catherine, have been hiding for years from his father after he threatened to kill Jamie. They have traveled from town to town barely staying one step ahead of his father until they devised a way to keep Jamie safe, by having him dress as a girl. The worst part is Jamie is short enough and looks enough like his mother to pass as a girl. Jamie is in his second year in college trying to keep as low a profile as possible, but that is difficult when his girlfriend Tiffany always stands out in a crowd. Jamie becomes friends with Asa the school nerd, much to Tiff's dismay. Tiff keeps trying to get Jamie to go out with Aidan, a very popular and rich guy at school. Now, Jamie may be more than interested in Aidan as a guy, but to him Jamie is a girl, which complicates the matter. When Asa accidentally uncovers Jamie's secret, Jamie is finds a friend and can be himself with someone outside of his immediate family. Unknown to Jamie, he is a pivot point for a world where many factions are willing to go to any lengths to use him for their own ends. Jamie thinks he is a monster without any knowledge of exactly what he is. Will Jamie and his friends stay safe when a gruesome murder occurs too close for comfort? Can Jamie continue to elude the individuals who pursue him and uncover his origins?

It was fascinating how this story began as a journal to help Jamie to express his inner feelings. It was hysterical how he laid out in detail all the things he had to do to maintain his cover as a girl. I can't imagine how any guy would feel being forced to dress as a girl, but to have no one even question it must have been almost shameful. The many problems Jamie had in school with Janie, a popular girl, was similar to bullying in any high school. As Jamie's paranormal abilities came to light, I started to question about what he was. Asa's willingness to trust Jamie in spite of knowing that he killed someone gave Jamie the companion he had always wanted. Things are not quite as Jamie believed causing him to question everything he knew of his life and what he thought his future would be like. This was a fascinating beginning to a series that I for one will be reading.

Reviewed by: Teresa