Plucking the Pearl
The year is 1934 and The Depression is in full swing. Pearl Wilson is forced to move in with poor relatives after the death of her mother. Moving from privileged Annapolis to a rundown shack in Oyster Island, Maryland was just one of the many shocks she would have to endure. The family reluctantly takes her in, but demands she must work in the oyster plant to earn her keep. The first day of work turned out to be more than she could handle and she runs out the plant upset.

Caleb Rockfield was drawn to the petite black woman weeping on the dock. He tells her to come to his office after hours to talk. They start a secret relationship and he moves Pearl into his home under the pretense of her being a housekeeper. As racial fears begin, the Klan is bought to town. When Caleb refuses to join the brotherhood, his business is set afire. Pearl leaves, believing she is the reason for his problems. When Caleb goes after her, will he find his pearl? What is he willing to give up to have his pearl back?

I really enjoyed this story because during this time I know that relationships between blacks and whites were taboo and frowned upon. I admired the fact that Caleb went after what he wanted. They fell in love and let their hearts lead. I doubt she could have found another man that would be as gentle with her to teach her about love. It's sad that love has to be hidden under any circumstances, but this couple did what they had to do to be together. Love is color blind, one day, maybe our society will learn this. This was a wonderful story of forbidden love.

Reviewed by: Pam S.