Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark by Vijaya Schartz is the prequel story to the Chronicles of Kassouk series.

Trixie's family never understood her, but when she realized what a monster her new husband was she couldn't continue her old life. She joined the crew of the Noah's Ark like many people taking a chance for a new life no questions asked. While in jump space, their trip was abruptly halted for an unknown reason, leaving them in an unfamiliar region of space. Trixie, as captain, sets the crew to assess the situation and they locate a habitable world and she informs the settler's representatives about the situation.

Kostas is known for his survival skills from his military background, but is hiding that he is an escaped clone who was supposed to be terminated. Kostas arrives at the meeting and he finds himself drawn to Trixie in ways he has never felt before. Not everyone is happy about the situation leaving Trixie up against Professor McLure who funded most of the expedition. Before anything was decided, the Ark is fired upon forcing Trixie to crash land the Ark in an area she feels gives them the greatest chance to survive. Things aren't what they seem and Kostas is ready to protect the people under his care, but when the aliens arrive promising help with only as few request his suspicions are confirmed. What do the Aliens want and are they responsible for the situation the people of Noah's Ark find themselves in? Will Trixie and Kostas find time to explore their feelings for each other?

Noah's Ark finally answers the many questions of how the Chronicles of Kassouk began. The biblical references related by the name of the spaceship helps the reader to understand the depth of many of the colonists desire to start a new life. It was interesting how Trixie left her privileged background to become the commander that they needed to make the difficult decisions, even if they weren't always popular. I was fascinated to learn about the science behind cloning, the distain that was shown to the clones was as horrible as the idea that they could be scraped without any thought to their own feelings. I would have loved to know the true reason why Kostas series was to be destroyed because if I hadn't known he was a clone from the start I wouldn't have believed it. Professor McLure is the perfect antagonist who only cared about himself where everyone else did what was best for the group. The terror of the unknown that the colonists felt was understandable by anyone who ever lost control of their lives. This is one series that shouldn't be missed!

Reviewed by: Teresa