Amethysts of Wisdom 1
Amethysts of Wisdom 1 by Serena Yates is second book in the Gemstone Chronicles.

The Collector remains in the Hall Of Waiting, in the void awaiting the next book in his collection to be completed. The Collector isn't sure about his past or his future, he wonders where his present existence will take him as the new story, Amethysts of Wisdom, begins to unfold.

Ayden and Angus have been secretly seeing each other for three months, even with the complications of living in a Mormon dominated area. Angus always has his face in a book studying the ancient history that he teaches. Ayden is always going off on secret missions that he can't tell Angus about, a sticky point in their relationship. The two are about to have a romantic weekend when Ayden receives a phone call, abruptly leaving after Angus and he have words about the situation. Later on, they use their time apart to contemplate their differences and relationship. Ayden begins to understand how not knowing where he is going could cause Angus to question their relationship, but he will do anything to keep Angus. Ayden is sent to locate and retrieve a kidnapped child, Sophia, leaving him injured, but successful. Angus knows that his reluctance to get physical with Ayden is a result of the rape he endured years ago, but he never told Ayden about it. Ayden meets an old woman who gives him an ancient book, the Book of Wisdom, with the mysterious comment to remember Betsy and read it together. Ayden and Angus are on the brink of an incredible adventure that could solidify their relationship if they trust in the love they share.

The mystery of the Amethyst book intrigued me as Angus and Ayden began to uncover its secrets. The differences between Angus and Ayden seemed to be insurmountable until they began to use them to their advantage. It was riveting as Ayden and Angus began to unlock the book's mysteries, and began to explore how their differences could be used to help them. It was incredible how they were transported in their sleep to realm of the Amethysians, who exist as energy beings. I can't imagine how I would react to finding myself without form, seeing what appeared to be balls of energy as Angus and Ayden did. Angus proved how strong he was when he faced his past head on by going with Ayden to visit Sophia, knowing that her father had raped him. It was fascinating how the Book of Wisdom was a conduit for traveling between worlds and time, something that intrigued Angus. I, for one, hope that this is just the beginning of Ayden and Angus's story as they begin to delve into the deeper secrets held within the ancient Book of Wisdom.

Reviewed by: Teresa