Logan's Rattler
Logan's Rattler by A.J. Jarrett is the third book in the Warriors of the Light series.

The only thing Logan wanted out of life was love and a family. After he lost his parents, he was alone in the world until he found Leo, who became his best friend. After they scrimped the money together, they opened their own coffee shop, L & L, and were set until things with his boyfriend Rhett went sour. Logan has this ability to sometimes hear what other people are thinking, which only gets him in trouble. One night, Logan was out on a date with Rhett when a few of his friends arrived, giving out very unsavory thoughts that scared Logan into running away. Logan, believing he is having an erotic dream, gives himself to a man before he realizes that he just spent the night with a virtual stranger. What he doesn't realize is that the man, Finn, is a member of the warriors of the light, a rattlesnake shifter and his mate! Logan's life will never be the same as he is drawn into the world of the paranormal where the stakes could mean life or death. Will Logan and Finn find their way together or will Rhett tear them apart? Will the Warriors of the Light survive?

This story began with a bang as Logan got the shock and pleasure of his life. I thought he did pretty good in accepting that and all the paranormal issues he quickly learned about. It was sad how Logan grew up, but his bond with Leo was unbreakable in spite of the crazy situations they encountered. Leo had a wonderful and snarky attitude that brought fun and laughter to the story. Mrs. Parkers, a nearby storeowner, was hysterical with her no nonsense way of looking at situations and her very off-color responses that surprised everyone. Finn's loss of control around Logan showed how deep his feelings hit him and everything he did to care for Logan was wonderful to experience. It was fascinating how Logan could sometimes hear what people were hearing, but it wasn't until he met Finn that he understood how his abilities could be used to protect the people he loved. This is one story you shouldn't miss.

Reviewed by: Teresa