Silent One
Silent One by Kari Jo Spear is a young adult gay sci-fi romance.

Gareth's life changed in the instant after a boating accident at the age five when he was saved by a child a few years older than him. Ultimately, the accident caused him the loss of his mom to drugs and his father giving him up to the state because he wasn't the son he wanted. Gareth grew up going from one foster home to another and the only consistency in his life being the shadowy figure of a stranger with compelling blue-green eyes, who comforted him in the night. Everyone thinks that Gareth is one tough cookie, but in reality, he has goals and dreams like becoming a teacher, that few people would ever believe. There were a few individuals like Ms. Iris, a teacher in school, and Ms. Lily, the one foster mother, who showed him kindness. As messed up and dysfunctional as Gareth's life is, it starts to unravel when the caring Ms. Lily gave him begins to heat up, giving him the feeling that something isn't right. When he goes to Ms. Iris for help, he finds the man of his dreams in the flesh and badly injured. Ms. Iris arrives, telling him that Mr. Ash, another teacher, is responsible and they must run for their own safety. She tells Gareth she is on his side and will find them. Gareth has no idea what is happening and all that he knows is he needs to protect the only person in the world that he cares for, his nighttime friend. What is happening and will Gareth unravel the mystery before they are attacked again?

This intricate and incredible story held me spellbound form the very start. As Gareth's story was revealed, I was captivated by how he managed to keep things in perspective and not hate the world. Gareth's wonder and happiness was obvious when he realized that his savior and friend, Aranth, was real and that their attraction was mutual. The way this story evolved, with its twisted plot, led me to places that I would have never expected. The sci-fi aspects were real to life and so visually descriptive that they came alive for me. The idea of a competition to prove who was fit to lead isn't a new one, but the direction it led to in this story was unexpected and amazing. When Aranth told Gareth about his past, I understood the sacrifices he took to protect Gareth all his life and got a glimpse of the trials Gareth would have to endure as his true identity was revealed. I would definitely recommend this story and I hope that a sequel is in the works!

Reviewed by: Teresa