Astrid's Wish
Astrid's Wish by A. J. Jarrett is the second book in the Warriors of the Light series.

Klaus, a centuries old witch, works for the council of Paranormal Beings, taking care of anyone who places a threat to humans and the paranormal community. The dreams of Klaus's mate have been getting stronger without telling him who his mate is. Klaus is sent to mark a new vampire as a warrior of the light and to check out if the witch living with them is a threat to the world. Klaus has been waiting so long that he has given up on ever finding his mate until he sets his eyes on Astrid. The first time he sees Astrid he recognizes the description his mother gave him of his mate and he is left stunned. Klaus is riveted by Astrid's musical voice and adorable appearance. Every member of the group is willing to put themselves between anyone they feel could hurt Astrid after his one-hundred years of captivity, including the leader Ben's very small mate, Myles. Quickly Klaus finds himself in agreement with them as he falls under Astrid's spell while trying to give Astrid the time he needs to heal. When Astrid figures out that his attraction towards Klaus is because they are mates, he is determined to get his man without wasting the time they have together. Klaus realizes that Astrid is not only a witch, but also part fairy, leaving him in danger if the knowledge ever gets out. Will Astrid and Klaus survive the coming storm?

This is one story that I couldn't put down until the bitter end! I was drawn into Klaus's story as his background was revealed, describing the many years he spent protecting the world from individuals who would hurt others and how he was changed by the actions he was forced to take. The sadness Klaus felt when he thought he would never find his mate changed the instant he saw Astrid. It transformed from disbelief to adoration. Astrid's captivity kept him secluded from the world, but it was inspiring how his friends supported and encouraged him as he began to explore his new world. It was hysterical how Astrid's desire for Klaus was what overcame his need to protect Astrid, to their mutual satisfaction! It was wonderful to watch Astrid as he changed from a frightened child to an adversary willing to fight to keep his family and friends safe. This story was beautifully written with many visual descriptions that brought the characters to life for the reader. The story isn't over yet, as an unnamed group threatens their very lives in the "coming", where Astrid is the pivotal point that could affect the outcome.

Reviewed by: Teresa