Pushing Her Buttons
Every time Samantha gets on the elevator to take the hundred-floor ride to her penthouse apartment, he is there. The man who lives on the same floor as her. He's handsome, sexy, and has smoldering eyes trained on her like a stalker. Sam sees in him a Dominant like her ex. But while her and her ex-husband's D/s relationship starting excitingly enough, it ended badly. She won't go down that road again. Then, he ups the ante, coming at her from all angles and now she's not so sure.

This first person story isn't like the other stories I've read by this author. For a great deal of the story, he comes across as a creepy stalker, not simply one with persistence in pursuit of a woman. Sam herself says pretty much the same thing to him during one of their encounters and while he convinced her he was just enamored of her from the first moment he saw her long ago, it took almost past 3/4 of the story for me to suspend any sort of disbelief that he was sincere. The sex was hot between these two, pretty molten in fact. However, whenever she wanted to balk at a command of his, he'd simply say she had to "play by the rules", without recognizing that within a D/s relationship, the "rules" are unique to each couple, as is the dynamic. As mentioned before, he did redeem himself in the end, but it took a bit of time to get there. That might lose other readers. It almost lost me. Yet, because I have thoroughly enjoyed this author's other works, I rated this story, not for the entire package, but pretty much for the last several pages, as I know I'll give this author another chance at future works.

Reviewed by: Bella