And If I Offered Thee a Bargain
And If I Offered thee a Bargain by Jules Jones homoerotic fantasy story.

Jack found ways to escape the bounds of his world through books and later school, but eventually he was drawn home to Belfast. As a child, he had been taught the stories of how Fairy's would trick humans into giving up years of their lives, but he never believed them. While out for a drive in the country, Jack fell asleep listening to an audiobook near a green hillside and awakened to find Fergal, a beautiful, exotic, almost alien looking man standing over him. At first, Jack thought he was from a Sci-fi convention until Fergal opens a door in the hill that leads to the fairy realm with unknown adventures for someone bold enough to take a chance. The attraction between them is instantaneous and erupts into an afternoon filled with bliss. Fergal offers Jack a bargain, seven years in the fairy realm for one human night. Is Jack willing to take a chance or is too much of a risk?

It is unusual for an author to create an intricate world within such a short time, but Mr. Jules's story is perfect just the way it is. Many cultures have lore about the fairy people from their history and the way Fergal was lured out by listening to an audiobook was humorous. The wonder Fergal's people took in learning about the modern world from movies to computers would be like someone from ages ago witnessing the future. I can only imagine what Jack would see in the seven years he would be away, but what was the cost? The lore says that a gift from a fairy isn't free and there is always a price to pay in the end. Only the person living though it an can say if it was worth it, but isn't one day of loving someone worth any price? This is one book I will never forget.

Reviewed by: Teresa