Miles's Awakening
Miles's Awakening by A.J. Jarrett is the first book in the Warriors of the Light series.

Miles is on his way home from work and has the creepy feeling that he is being followed even though he doesn't see anything. When he is almost home, a mysterious man, Ben, appears telling him that if he wants to stay alive he had better get them home as fast as he can. Miles doesn't usually bring strangers home, but for some reason he trusts Ben and it helps that Miles finds him to be the sexiest man he has ever seen! Once they are safe, Ben tells Miles that he is in danger of becoming vampire food or being forced to mate with a Warrior of the dark, Malcolm. Miles thinks he is crazy until sees five strange men standing outside his apartment building and one is looking directly at him, Malcolm. Ben is a Warrior of the light, also a vampire, who is fighting to protect humanity, but when he realizes that Miles is his mate, his mission changes. Ben was sent to capture Malcolm at all costs, but now his desire to protect Miles overrides his father's orders. Ben knows that his father has a hidden agenda, but when he tells him to use Miles as bait to capture Malcolm all bets are off. Malcolm is determined to get Miles for the power he will gain from their mating and Ben will protect him at all costs. Add to this insanity Miles's cousin, Trevor, who always has a snarky comment ready to unleash, keeping the story rocking. Will Miles find the happiness and love he always wanted?

This incredibly intricate story created what looks to be an awesome series. Miles's creepy feeling of being watched is one many people have without it being true. Unfortunately, Miles was correct about the danger and he was lucky Ben was there to help him. I can't imagine how I would react if someone told me he was a vampire, but when Miles became aroused by Ben's fans it was hysterical. I would have run screaming, but not Miles! Trevor's forceful and loud presence astounded the vampires because they were used to people cowering in front of them and never challenging them! Miles's loving and friendly attitude endeared him to each of the Warriors of the Light. Malcolm was the polar opposite to Miles with his evil and hateful actions that pit them against each other, but who will survive is yet to be told. I enjoyed how each character came to life in this book and I can't wait to read their stories as they unfold.

Reviewed by: Teresa