The Alpha's Captive
The Alpha's Captive by A.J. Jarrett is the first book in the Nehalem Pack series.

Aiden is returning from semester break at college and can't wait to have the house to himself while his parents are on vacation. Aiden has never been into all the partying or dating that the other students do, instead, he spends his time on his studies. Unfortunately, his first night at home abruptly ends with strangers kidnapping him. One man aggressively asks him where Erik is being held until he is knocked out. Aiden awakens to find himself chained to the ceiling being threatened until another very handsome and compelling man, Devon, arrives. Devon, the alpha to his werewolf pack, lost his parents years ago to hunters and is darned if he will lose his brother to hunters too. Capturing one of the hunter's sons seemed an easy enough solution, until he realizes that Aiden is his mate. Aiden is obviously suspicious of any kindness shown to him and he doesn't believe a work Devon tells him, especially the absurd idea that he is a werewolf! Devon and Aiden begin to build a friendship in spite of all the obstacles against them. Will Erik be safely returned to his family and will this be at the cost of Aiden and Devon's love?

I can't image hiding and living in fear like Devon and his pack, but Devon did everything he could to keep them safe. If was understandable how he would move heaven and earth to get Erik back and it was kind of funny that if the hunters had not taken Erik, neither he or Devon would have found their mates. It must have been unreal for Brandon, a hunter, to find he was mated to Eric, but the lengths he went through to keep him safe were incredible. The idea of individuals secretly looking for and killing wolves for no other reason than they felt they were just animals was very sad. This just proves that prejudice under any circumstances is unacceptable. It was inspiring how Devon and Aiden could look beyond the situation at hand to the instinctive feelings they were experiencing.

Reviewed by: Teresa