Alrik by Carol Lynne is the first book in the C-7 Shifters series.

Dr. Ben Cook has devoted his life to saving the Mexican Grey wolves, but the last time he was searching for them he was shot and almost died. His sister Beth went to the C-7 Squad, all chameleon shifters, to hire them to protect Ben. When she met Alrik, she knew that he would not only protect Ben, but also possibly be the man for him. Alrik isn't too thrilled about the baby-sitting job until he meets Ben and he knows that Ben is one man who could get under his skin. The first time they meet sparks fly and they have great difficulty keeping their hands off each other. After they arrive at the spot Ben last saw the Mexican Grey Wolves, Alrik goes hunting and locates the pack, but Alrik makes it understood that if it is a shifter pack they will leave them alone. They learn that there is a shadow shifter in the area from a member of the sifter pack and Ben is surprised when shadow approaches him. As Alrik and Ben get closer, Alrik has to choose if he is ready to become committed to Ben, but will his decision be made before it is too late?

This story began with a bang and never let up to the end. Ben was a complex character whose drive to save the wolves led him to the one person in the world who was perfect for him. Alrik had lived for hundreds of years without finding anyone special, but when he meets Ben all bets are off. Their immediate and overwhelming need for each other quickly blossomed into something neither expected. I was fascinated by the plight of the chameleon shifters and how they were treated differently from all of the other shifters. Even the color change in their lives when they start to love someone was a surprise. I found shadow's story even more compelling from the way he was refused refuge by the grey wolf shifters to how he somehow felt connected to Ben. Alrik's coming to terms with his feelings and accepting the changes in his life brought by Ben may be the catalyst to change the lives for all of the C-7 Squad.

Reviewed by: Teresa