Blacque/Bleu by Belinda McBride is the first book in the Arcada series.

Oliver Bleu has lived many lifetimes as a vampire, never settling down until he arrived into the town of Arcada where he quickly realized that there was more to the town than meets the eye. Arcada is a town where many unusual species live in peace as long as they didnít cause harm to people living there. Bleu has been secretly watching his neighbor Lucas Blacque for years, but never took it any further. Lucas has his own problems. As a gay werewolf, heís had to hide his sexuality from his pack because he knows that not only would they never accept him, but also his life could be placed in danger. Lucas has always kept his eye on Blue, but recently he has noticed that Bleuís health has taken a turn for the worse. Lucas maintained his distance from his pack until his father, the pack alpha, informs him that he is to be the next alpha and that his father wants grandchildren soon from him or his sister Dru, the last thing that Lucas would ever want. Blacque goes out to forget about his troubles and who does he run into, but Bleu. Bleu sees his chance to use Blacque to get his health back, but he never expected to lose his heart to Blacque. Will Blacque and Bleu get their chance together before their past rips them apart forever?

From the beginning, I was drawn to the town Arcada that somehow influenced the lives of all who lived there. It was fascinating how the many different paranormal beings lived there in peace just like anyone in a small town would. Blacque had lived there all his life, but he didnít see the differences in many of the people or feel the need to help them until Bleu took him out to see the town through a vampires eyes. The conflict Blacque feels between choosing love or his family obligations is one many people would understand, but then you add the many paranormal aspects and the issue becomes even more complicated. Blacque and Bleu had to overcome many obstacles, but their desire to protect each other even when they were apart showed how much they loved each other. Blacqueís sister Dru is one complex and riveting character who I canít wait to learn more about in the next book in the Arcada series.

Reviewed by: Teresa