Children of Forever
Children of Forever by Etienne is the third book in The Forever series.

Marco and Dani are happily married and raising their three boys in Aragoni while working as doctors. On the surface, they seem like an average family, but there is a secret they are keeping for the family's safety. Marco's father, the Duke, possess a gene that allows him and his offspring to stay young forever. The even bigger secret is that it can be passed along through transplants and possibly blood transfusions, as they found out when Dani received a kidney from an unknown child of Duke. One day at work, Marco's younger siblings, Valerius and Serafina, arrive and ask to talk confidentially to him about a matter of importance. They tell him that their cousins are telepathic and have been hearing a faint call for help from someone they don't know. This about floors Marco and when he tells Dani, they know that his father and the family need to be apprised of this potentially dangerous situation. As the family discusses what the future will hold, Dani begins to study the scientific ramifications of how telepathy can be used to keep them safe. Who is the individual calling for help and could he place the family in danger? Will Dani and Marco unravel the mystery in time?

As Marco and Dani's lives unfold, the reader begins to experience the world as they see it. The love they love feel for their children and each other is easily seen in every action they take to ensure each other's safety. It was fascinating how Marco and Dani worked together as doctors to unlock the genetic differences in their family and find ways to enhance them for everyone's protection. It was wonderful how everyone in the family banded together to help and support each protection. The ongoing search for other lost members of the family adds mystery and suspense to the plot, because no one can ever be sure if they can be trusted, like the person calling telepathically for help. The use of scientific study gave this story an almost futuristic feel while keeping the story in the present time, allowing the reader to have glimpses about what possibilities may lay ahead for humanity.

Reviewed by: Teresa