Finding Absolution
Finding Absolution by Carol Lynne is the twenty-ninth book in the Cattle Valley series.

Van Duggins is very proud that his student Kai Hachiya won first place in the surfing contest and they are ready for his well-deserved, quiet vacation. Unfortunately, instead of spending quiet time on the beach, Kai talks Van to going with him and his boyfriend Quade to visit Cattle Valley. Quade used to be the mayor of the town before he met Kai and he can't wait to show his town off to Van. Van remembers how he hated living in Manhattan with his mother for eight years, until he moved in with his dad and he isn't looking forward to it. Van has been living with the guilt of when his old student and lover Blain died in a surfing accident. Many people blamed him without knowing the truth and he hasn't gotten emotionally involved since then. Jon Porter gave up the career he always wanted to return home to take care of his grandfather and even with all the hard work, Jon has never regretted his decision, but it does stunt his love life. After arriving at Cattle Valley, Van is out on his own when he stops a man, Jon, from being assaulted. They are immediately attracted to each other, but with Jon's responsibilities tethering him in Cattle Valley and Van living a world away, can they find a way bring their lives together?

Once again, we the readers are returned to Cattle Valley to revisit the lives of the people in town. It took me a second to remember how Quade and Kai met and it was seamless how Van's story took off from that point. As Van's past was revealed, it was wonderful how he was willing to put himself out to help Jon, never expecting that his act of kindness would blossom into a love that could change his life. Jon's selfless desire to help his grandfather proved that one good act could lead to wonderful things, like his meeting Van! It was inspiring how Jon's grandfather appreciated his moving home and how he wanted Jon to have the life and love that he deserved. This was a beautiful edition to the Cattle Valley series.

Reviewed by: Teresa