Forever Promised
Forever Promised by Amy Lane is the fourth book in The Keeping Promise Rock series.

For everyone at The Pulpit, Deacon Winters is the rock upon which their lives revolve around. It all started when Deacon first set his eyes upon Crick as a young boy who wanted more than anything else for a place to belong. Years later, Crick's sister Benny arrived broken until Deacon worked his magic to heal her soul. Their many friends straggled in, finding refuge and acceptance that is very rare in this world. No one is perfect and they all make mistakes, like when Crick mistook what Deacon told him and ended up in Iraq, leaving Deacon behind for Benny and his friends John and Amy to pick up the pieces. Benny is finally ready to build another family with Drew, a man who owes his life to Crick, and she wants to give Deacon and Crick the one thing they can't get for themselves, a baby. All she has to do is make Deacon understand that this is her gift to them. Other members of the family have their own troubles to deal with. Shane and Mikhail have the children at Promise House who have their traumas to overcome. Jeff and Colin are happy with their lives, but something is missing in the equation. John and Amy get an offer to work in Washington to lobby for equal rights for gay couples all over the country. Can Deacon find a way to accept all of the changes in his family and know that they will always return to him?

I fell in love with this series from the very beginning as the many difficult situations allowed the reader to experience life through lives of the characters in these stories. Deacon, like many of the characters, wasn't perfect and it was his flaws that made him come to life as he dealt with love, laughter and sorrow with the help of his friends. Crick and his sisters had difficult childhoods, but if it wasn't for Deacon Crick and Benny, they wouldn't of been the strong and wonderful people they were. It never occurred to Deacon that by saving Crick he set in motion a chain of events that altered the lives of so many people. It was beautiful how Promise Rock, the family swimming-hole became the symbol of shelter, love and promise to all members of the family. That one spot was where they came together in good and bad times with the knowledge that the family would always endure as long as they had each other. This is one series that will always remain on my favorite list. I would also recommend getting the audio books because they add a new dimension to this incredible series.

Reviewed by: Teresa