Love Comes Silently
Love Comes Silently by Andrew Grey is a contemporary homoerotic romance.

Two years ago, Ken thought his life was complete with his lover Mark after he adopted Hana, until the spark between them started dimming. Ken and Mark decided that a start over in a small town would bring them together, until Hana gets sick. When Ken called Mark to tell him she was diagnosed with cancer, Mark told him he would arrive the next day. Ken takes Hana home right before Mark arrived, but Ken never expected Mark to break up with him, even though he knew that they had been drifting apart. Ken finds his very quiet and handsome neighbor on their doorstep with a casserole filled with Mac and Cheese, much to Hana's delight. A few times when Hana is feeling particularly low, she finds packages at their front door, one with pink hats of all kinds and one with Barbie dolls. Patrick, their neighbor, shut himself off from the world after he lost his ability to talk, but he can't keep his thoughts far from Hana and Ken. Patrick sent the gifts to Hana, but he is afraid to take the next step, until his sister Julianne tells him to give Ken a chance. The two become fast friends with Hana twisting him around her finger. Things are going great until Ken's ex-boyfriend returns, leaving Patrick afraid his dreams will never come true. Will Hana live and can their love survive the struggle ahead?

This story gives the reader a real understanding about how difficult it is for a family dealing with a child with a terminal illness. Hana was a wonderful and enchanting child who drew people to her with just her smile. It was inspiring how Patrick fell in love with both Hana and Ken from the beginning and was always there to help them in any way he could. The way he set up a Halloween and Christmas party for Hana when she just asked about the holidays showed the depth of his love. The way many people in town pitched in to make the parties special for Hana reminds me how wonderful small towns can be. The love and support Ken and Patrick gave to each other was inspiring. This is one book that I will not forget.

Reviewed by: Teresa