Places in Time
Places in Time by Cardeno C. is part of the 2012 Time is Eternity Anthology.

Ethan Baker arrives home to find his girlfriend Jen waiting for him. Ethan may not be the most perceptive and demonstrative of men, but when Jen breaks up with him, he is rattled. He knows his desire to keep his personal and professional life separate was the cause, but there is only one person who he truly calls home, Jude Harrison. Without even thinking, he immediately heads for Jude's house, where he finds solace in times of trouble. But before he arrives at Jude's home, a guide, who Ethan named Ginger arrives. She takes him on a trip through his life that will hopefully open his eyes to the truth about his past and change the course of his life.

Ginger gave Ethan a madcap ride of experiencing scenes from his life and opening his eyes to the possibilities of his friendship with Jude that he never expected. It was interesting how he always thought of Jude as his forever person, but it never clicked until he met Ginger that his feelings for Jude were more than he consciously thought. Jude spent his life making sure Ethan got every chance to make it as an actor, but he didn't think that Ethan could see the love he felt for him. The flashback scenes were interesting because Ethan could see them as an adult and he understood many things that the child wouldn't see, including how Jude gave up things that he wanted to help him. This was a wonderful and heartfelt story as Jude and Ethan finally experienced a love that may stand the test of time.

Reviewed by: Teresa