Politician Won
Politician Won by Amber Kell is the third book in The Thresl Chronicles.

Zander Elios was given his thresl two years ago and they have been together ever since. When a thresl chooses his mate, he shifts into the perfect mate for his human. Zander fears that if his thresl doesn't shift soon his father will sell him and try to force Zander to take another mate. Zander arrives on the thresl home world to attend the wedding of King Vohne, but things begin to get out of control when Zander succumbs to an illness. His thresl gets help from the king's mysterious relative, Saint, who tells his thresl that Zander could die if he doesn't shift to finalize their bond. Zander gets better, but he wonders if HE is the best person for Leo, or if he should let him go. Zander has many things to learn about Leo and he is just the man to show Zander that there is only one man for him, in the most pleasurable way possible.

The mystery of who is behind the kidnapping and selling to young thresl is still unknown and as parts of the puzzle are revealed, more questions come to light. They know that someone high up in the government is involved and Zander and Leo are determined to stop it; with the king's support. Zanders feelings of inadequacy over his thresl not changing until he became sick was understandable because he didn't understand exactly what it meant to be a thresl, I am sure that Leo will more than willing to instruct him in the ways of his people. Zander's physical reaction and increased libido before he collapsed, leaving no one except Saint who understood what was happening added another twist to the plot. As a reader, this makes me wonder what other information and surprises are yet to be revealed by Saint. How much other knowledge about the thresl has been lost in the chaos that reigned after the old king died?

Reviewed by: Teresa