Rio's Fire
Rio's Fire by Lynn Hagen is the third book in the Brac Village series.

All Rio even wanted was to teach little children and that is a good thing considering his panther doesn't like being around adults. Although that does makes it difficult for Rio to make friends, and he ends up living a very solitary life until the day a new teacher, Fire, arrives in school. Fire is a fairy with a gambling problem. The last time he was in debt it put all the members of the Brac Pack in danger until Melonee, the alpha pack's daughter, stepped in to save him. Fire knows he has a problem, but his free and easy lifestyle has never led him to deal with reality, until Maverick the pack's alpha, informs him that he will be teaching art at the local elementary to hopefully learn something. Fire is astonished to find his mate Rio at the school and it is too bad that their first impressions were less than impressive to say the least! Fire has no idea how to deal with children, let alone be a teacher, until Rio lends a hand. Can Rio and Fire look beyond first impressions to possibly explore their mating bond? Will Fire overcome his addiction before it destroys his chance at happiness?

This story was a rollercoaster ride form the very beginning. I always wondered what happened to Fire and this story more than filled the bill. It is unfortunate how many people have addictions of one kind or another, but Maverick's unique methods of keeping track of Fire were effective and very inventive. Having the warriors escort and trail him where ever he went may have seemed excessive, but it worked. It was hilarious how the children in Fire's classroom took complete advantage of his inexperience, but in the end, they really liked having him as a teacher. Experiencing the craziness of dealing with so many children through Fire's eyes was funny as he was mystified about how to deal with them. The budding relationship between Fire and Rio was fun to read as they began to understand one another as their relationship changed and grew to a love neither one expected. I also want to take a moment to acknowledge the beautiful artwork that is drawn by Nekito.

Reviewed by: Teresa