Seizing It
Seizing It by Chris T. Kat is a contemporary homoerotic romance.

On the surface, Kit's life appears to be perfect, but looks can be deceiving. He has been battling a seizure disorder for as long as he can remember. He had to struggle to get his physical health under control so he could have some measure of independence from his family. One day he arrives home from shopping when Nigel, a man he knows, refuses to take no for an answer when Kit turns him down. No matter how hard Kit fights he can't get loose until a stranger, Dale, intervenes and saving him. Kit is so angry for needing help and the fact that he is more than casually interested in Dale causes his behavior to be unreasonably testy. It becomes even more complicated when he learns that Dale is the future owner of the veterinarian clinic where he works! Kit has to deal with his father who isn't happy about the situation, his sister who is more like a mother, and Dale who wants Kit to belong to him, but how will Dale react when he learns about Kit's disability?

This story started with a bang and never let up until the very end. I can only imagine how it felt to be at the mercy of a disease that Kit had little control of until very recently. It was wonderful how his family were always there for him, even allowing him his freedom and independence while still being there if he needed them. The way Kit was afraid to tell Dale about his abusive ex-boyfriend was understandable, but Dale's reaction when he was more concerned about Kit's safety proved what a wonderful man he was. The turmoil Kit felt regarding his need for independence versus his desire to be loved and safe definitely kept Dale guessing about what he really wanted. The growing love and understanding between Kit and Dale was beautiful to experience as it unfolded.

Reviewed by: Teresa