The Gifted One
The Gifted One by Jacob Z. Flores is a homoerotic paranormal story.

Years ago, Carlos Cruz was struggling to get his pregnant wife Veronica to the hospital before she delivered her baby during an incredibly violent thunderstorm when they get into an accident. What should have been a minor fender bender turned insane when the other driver stated he was going to kill them and their unborn child. Carlos was about to die when a stranger arrived just in the nick of time. The stranger was able to save their son, but Veronica died. Mateo, or Matt's, life from that moment on seemed cursed, especially on his birthday. In spite of everything that happened, Matt knew he was never alone and at times, he could see him out of the corner of his eye. Matt never gave up and even in his work as a nurse; he is nicknamed Flo because of his innate ability to know what is wrong with his patients, allowing them to get better when many shouldn't have lived. Matt has no memory of the family that adopted him or any idea of his first family and he is hoping that his psychiatrist Dr. Owens can help him to understand the horrifying reoccurring dream he has. Matt's best friends Shane and Dee are determined that this birthday will be one that he won't regret until he is almost killed by a car and a very attractive stranger saves his life. Evil forces begin setting in motion plans to kill Matt, but two other attempts fail without reason, leaving Matt without a scratch. Will Matt survive and is their more than just luck on his side?

This was a very intricately woven story. It was intriguing how the Book on Enoch and the battle between heaven and the fallen angels was the inspiration for this story. From the very beginning, I was drawn into Matt's life and the tragedy he endured. I was inspired how he never became angry or bitter about his problems and wanted only to help others. His pure spirit was encouraged by his guardian angel, Gabriel's need to protect him that grew into a love that even heaven couldn't stop. The portrayal of God in unlimited forms brought the understanding of his ability to appreciate and love everyone. The never ending and consuming love Gabriel and Matt had for each of was something heaven had never seen and could be the pivotal point that may change everything if their love can overcome the obstacles ahead.

Reviewed by: Teresa