Garrett's Choice
Garrett's Choice by A.J. Jarrett is the fourth book in the Warriors of the Light series.

Garrett's parents raised him for the sole purpose of becoming the alpha of his pack. Every move he made was to help his pack, until he met his mate Lacham and began to question his life. Lachlan was thrown out of his tribe with his younger brother and left struggling to protect each other until they were taken in by the Warriors of the Light, giving them a place in the world and the stability they needed. They became powerful warriors until everything changed when Lacham found Garrett, his mate. Conflicts begin immediately, making Lacham return to the Warriors of the Light until the danger from their enemies, Warriors of the Dark; force him to return to fight for his place at Garrett's side. Is their love strong enough to overcome the dangers ahead?

The conflict between Garrett and Lacham is the same one that you would see between any two people with strong personalities. It was fascinating to read as they worked through their difficulties, allowing their love for each other to guide them. The way Garrett's parents assumed that he would take over without ever giving him the chance to choose his own path in life was sad. Many parents make the same mistake only to learn in the end when their child defies them or sometimes-even running away, placing themselves in danger. Lacham's love gave him the strength to re-evaluate his life knowing that there are always other options if you can trust your own instincts. Each story in this series is unique while forwarding the plot line and keeping the reader in suspense to see if the Warriors of the Light will triumph over evil or loose for all time.

Reviewed by: Teresa