Crimson Butterfly
Crimson Butterfly by Shawn Bailey is the first book in the Tokyo Host Club series.

Kaname Mori has just come off a long shift as a police officer to find two men dragging a man into an alley. Kaname intervenes and after a fight, he manages to save the stranger, Hideki Shimizu, who refuses to be taken to the hospital. With no other choice, Kaname takes Hideki home, caring for him as best as he can. Kaname finds out that the man is Ambassador Shimizu's son and after a call, Kaname finds himself taking care of Hideki until his father returns. Even more shocking is that Hideki's father doesn't seem to be concerned when Kaname tells him that Hideki may have internal injuries. Kaname learns that Hideki is a host at the gay Haruka Host club and his father would not want that made known. After Hideki leaves with his father, months pass until Kaname's finds out that Hideki is missing and his parents are requesting him to find their son. After an initial search of Hideki's apartment, he knows that has not been kidnaped, but in hiding. Kaname hasn't been able to get Hideki off his mind and once he finds Hideki, they realize that the interest is mutual. Can Kaname and Hideki overcome the differences in their lives? How will Hideki's parents react to their love?

I love stories that are established in Japan, but this story didn't incorporate much of the Japanese culture into the plot. It was interesting reading about Host Clubs through Hideki's eyes because he works in a host club and can explain the distinctions between clubs that are geared towards gay and straight clientele. Kaname defined what an honorable police officer should be and his willingness to help Hideki was inspiring. It was shocking how disengaged Hideki's father was when he knew that his son was injured. The growing love between Hideki and Kaname was beautiful to experience as it unfolded. Even though I enjoyed this story, it ended so abruptly that it left me wondering where the rest of the story went. It is my hope that there will be a follow-up story to tie all the loose ends up.

Reviewed by: Teresa