Kissing Reno
Kissing Reno by Lynn Hagen is the third book in the Brac Village series.

Reno Davis has always been a loner, never wanting anything except one-night stands, but that is about to change. Reno's recent moved to Brac Village gives him the freedom to let his coyote out to run. One day, Reno's boss Kenway sends him out for donuts and he gets the surprise of his life when he finds his mate Baker at the store, Sweet Delight. Baker has lived all his life in Brac Village, but he only recently found out about shape shifters. Baker is shocked when Reno grabs and kisses him, but scared when Reno later calls the store to tell him to hide because the hunt is on. When a Coyote finds his mate, he stalks his mate just like a wild coyote. Baker is not happy about this, but he gets his revenge when he calls the police on Reno for loitering in front of his apartment. Reno's coyote is pleased with his mate as much as Reno is aggravated by the situation. Problems begin when Officer Johnson seems to take an unusual interest in Reno and begins to pop up all over the town harassing him. Will Reno win Baker over before it is too late? What could be the reason behind Johnson's unusual behavior?

I have seen many strange and unusual things at Brac Village, but a coyote stalking his mate during the mate dance was the most bizarre ritual I ever imagined. Baker's reaction when he first met Reno was understandable and I felt like cheering when he called the cops while Reno was stalking him. Neither imagined that one phone call would set in motion the group of people that Maverick, the mayor and leader of the Brac Pack, has been trying to protect his people from. It is great how each book in the Brac Village series incorporates characters from other books related to this series. The paranormal aspects of this book kept me wondering what would happen next. The growing feelings between Reno and Baker were wonderful to see as they dealt with the dangerous situations that always occur in Brac Village.

Reviewed by: Teresa