Soul Mate
Soul Mate by Shawn Bailey is a homoerotic contemporary romance.

Gemma Costas loves her son Galen and appreciates everything he does for her and his dad, but it is beyond time for him to get a life of his own. She has known for a long time that he is gay and has no problem with it, so that isn't the problem, but he spends all of his time taking care of them. He cooks, cleans, takes care of the yard work and even goes with them to the senior center. Gemma doesn't know what to do until she sees an ad in the local newspaper from a mother looking for a boyfriend for her son Jovan. Edna Murphy sets up a party inviting a few of the people who answer her add and the trap is set. Jovan is quite sure what the party is about, but when he sees Galen, he immediately is interested. The two had met years ago, giving him an opening and Galen is more than willing to take their interest to a higher level, if you get my meaning. Then Jovan and Galen figure out they were set up and want to keep seeing each other, but can they allow themselves to go on with their lives knowing that their parents can take care of themselves?

The initial description of this story sounded incredible and while I enjoyed it, the story didn't seem to have the depth to bring out the comedic degree that would have made it a great story. It was hysterical how Gemma and Edna took matters into their hands to get their sons together. It was completely unexpected how Galen and Jovan had already met and how they hooked up from the start. I can't imagine being set up the way Jovan and Galen were and it was funny when they decided not to tell their mothers that they knew what they had done. The story would have had more impact if the plot had gone deeper into the interpersonal relationships between the characters, allowing the reader to understand the reasons behind their actions. Overall, I enjoyed this story and would like to read it again if it were revised.

Reviewed by: Teresa