Spells and Bananas
Spells and Bananas by Joyee Flynn is part of the Midnight Matings series.

Kirby Saxon, a spider-monkey shifter, finds himself, along with everyone else at the UPAC conference bespelled, forcing them to choose a mate from a different species within twenty-four hours or they will go feral. One woman decides to take Kirby until Amery Goddard, a very handsome man, intervenes, saving him. Kirby may be small in appearance but he is well able to take care of himself and knows a good thing when he sees it. Amery is everything he's ever wanted and Amery will be his! Amery is one of the oldest and strongest witches alive, but the only significant thing in his life is his job at the Colorado Hospital until he meets Kirby. Amery has lived through many situations in his life, leaving him to believe that he isn't worthy of ever finding happiness and that has colored every relationship he has ever had. Can Kirby find a way to help Amery overcome his past to allow them to attain the happiness they both deserve?

From the very start, the way Kirby and Amery first met was funny and very heartwarming. It was scary how a woman decided that Kirby was small enough that she could take him as her mate without him having anyway to stop her until Amery stepped in. For the first time the elders got a taste of their own medicine when Amery placed a spell on them, until he decided they were punished enough - just too hilarious! The way Kirby choose Amery was comical, but Amery's amazement that Kirby wanted him was both sad and wonderful. Amery may be physically bigger than Kirby, but Kirby is definitely large and in charge! Kirby's mixture of human and monkey behaviors kept the reader in stitches waiting to see what he would get into next.

Reviewed by: Teresa