The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity by Jane Wallace-Knight is the first book in The Wolves of Gardwich series.

Sam Reed is different from other people, making it difficult to fit in and being abandoned at birth has only made the situation worse. Sam finally got a break when Rita became his foster mom, but the damage had already been done, leaving him fearful of the dark and skittish around people. Sam is out taking a walk at night when he sees an old rundown estate and wonders who would purchase an old rundown estate when he realizes there is a huge man, Jackson, standing uncomfortably close to him. Sam's fight or flight fear takes hold and he passes out. Jackson immediately knows that Sam is his mate, but when Sam loses consciousness, he takes him home with him. Jackson is the Alpha of his pack and has been mated to Alex, his vampire lover, for fifty years. They always knew that he could find his mate and Alex is afraid he could lose everything. Sam awakens and his unique ability to know details about other people kicks in and he accepts the truth about Alex and Jackson without freaking out. Sam is immediately drawn to both Alex and Jackson, giving Alex hope that he won't be left alone. Sam has many things to learn about his new world as the three become closer, but can he overcome his past?

This was one amazing ride right from the beginning. It was sad how difficult Sam's childhood had been and the problems he had as an adult because of it, but it was incredible how fast things changed when he met Jackson and Alex. Alex's heartbreak when he learned that Jackson had found his mate was awful, but Sam's instinctive understanding and desire to protect both Jackson and Alex was inspiring. Just imagining being with someone for years only to face the chance of losing them suddenly like Alex, is something many people face at one time or another in their lives. Sam's unreasonable, dictator of a boss finally got what he deserved when Alex ended up being the new owner! The description of Sam's bosses face was hysterical and the reaction of his co-workers to the situation was the icing on the cake as far as I was concerned!

Reviewed by: Teresa