The Hunter's Sexy Wolf
The Hunter's Sexy Wolf by A.J. Jarrett is the fourth book in the Nehalem Pack series.

Five years ago, Noah's life changed after what he thought was a chance meeting with a woman at a bar. He woke up naked in a room that smelled like sex. About a year later, he learned that the woman had a child, Carson and that she was a werewolf. Her pack wanted to use Carson to manipulate him, and she is determined to protect him. The biggest problem is that Noah is a hunter and the first rule is never to interact with wolves. Noah's life changed in an instant as he struggles to raise a wolf child on his own while hiding Carson from the council. Skyler loves taking care of the members of his pack, but what he desperately wants is a family of his own and seeing many of his friends happily mated reminds him that he is alone. Skyler is sent to the Thompson Estate to pick up some paint swatches, but he never expected to find the cutest little boy, Carson, and the man of his dreams, Noah, his mate. Carson and Skyler hit it off immediately giving Noah crazy ideas that they could build a family together. Between hiding that Caron is a werewolf, and the danger from the Council, Skyler would never get involved with them. What Noah doesn't know is that as a werewolf himself, Skyler is acquainted with the dangers and difficulties that lie ahead. Will Sklyer have his dreams fulfilled?

Carson was a wonderful and precocious child who won the hearts of everyone who came in contact with him. Carson's playful and childish delight in the world reminds us of how beautiful childhood can be. Carson, without even realizing it, understood that Skyler's scent meant home to him. Noah obviously didn't understand what Carson was saying, but his desire for Skyler was only tempered by the danger they were in. It was terrible how the council and Carson's mothers pack were willing to use him to fulfill their goals even if that meant his death. The way Skyer's pack banded together to protect them was amazing. The bond that quickly formed between Skyler and Noah was inspiring as they were willing to fight for their love of each other and Carson.

Reviewed by: Teresa