Blood Promise
Blood Promise by Ashlynne Laynne is the third book in The Progeny series.

Shauna thought she had everything she ever wanted when she met Asher, but between her being one of the strongest Wiccans alive and the feud between Asher and Ursula, the woman he was going to marry, things are pretty messed up. To add to the problems, Asher and Ursula's families are vampires and she is out to get them at any costs, forcing Shauna, her sister Katy and other members of coven to go into hiding. Shauna is preparing her body for the upcoming trails to prove she is strong enough to become an immortal and spend eternity at Asher's side. For a while Shauna and Asher enjoy their time together, but reality crashes in when Brandilynne, the youngest member of the coven is kidnapped by Ursula, forcing Asher's family and the coven to regroup for the fight to come.

Felicity is determined to take her younger sister Brandilynne from the orphanage she has been living in only to find that she is missing. Felicity threatens to return if her sister is hurt and the staff gets a feel of what lies ahead as her Wiccan abilities are revealed. Felicity tells her friend Lee about the situation, but he has his own problems. Lee has been having dreams about a woman that he loves, but has no memory of ever meeting. Will everyone survive the danger ahead? Who is the woman in Lee's dreams and what does it mean to Asher and Shauna?

As Ursula and Asher's past was revealed, I was horrified how Ursula was used as little more than a scientific experiment and Asher's own father was partly to blame. It makes her hatred of his family understandable, but that doesn't excuse her violent and dangerous tendencies. Asher had feelings of horror about how the horrible experiments paved the way to his birth, half vampire and half human, but Shauna's loving acceptance went a long way to heal him. Experiencing the blood lust through Asher and his Brother Gabe's eyes gave me some understanding in how much restraint it took them to love a mortal. Gabe's love for Shauna's sister Katy was put to the test as he lost the fight between his humanity and the inner beast, but will their love endure? The fight takes a new twist when Asher reveals that his family may be humanities only hope, but the outcome is yet to be seen. I can't wait to see what is yet to unfold in the fight between good and evil.

Reviewed by: Teresa