His Dominant Omega
His Dominant Omega by A.J. Jarrett is the third book in the Nehalem Pack series.

To Cole Weathers, being an omega makes no sense when he is anything but submissive. That has always caused him problems because his alpha dad adheres to traditional pack rules, causing dissention between them. It finally came to a head when Cole chose his freedom, forcing him to leave his pack and everything behind. Josef is happy that some of his pack has found their mates, but seeing them together makes him jealous of their good fortune. Josef goes to interview a man, Cole, for a position at the pack company and is drawn to him, even though he doesn't scent his mate. Cole instantly knows that Josef is his mate so he uses his omega abilities to hide his scent from him. Cole is scared to get Josef involved in his family's problems and hopes he will get the time he needs before Josef learns the truth. Secrets never stay hidden for long, but before they have time to work through their issues, Cole learns that his father has been kidnapped. Will Cole and Josef find their way together or will outside forces tear them apart?

Cole was a very compelling character who came to life as his story was revealed. I never thought of an omega as being dominant, but Cole proved that labels can be deceiving. Josef's sadness at seeing his pack members happily mated was understandable and reading his confusion and then anger at Cole from hiding their bond brought him to life as he dealt with many issues people frequently deal with. People are often jealous of other individual's good fortune, but what they do with those feelings shows the strength of their character. It was sad how disconnected Cole felt from his Dad, but things are not always as they seem, and some fathers will go to any lengths to protect their children. Cole and Josef may have a chance at happiness if they can just trust in their love for each other.

Reviewed by: Teresa