The Wolf's Runaway Tiger
The Wolf's Runaway Tiger by A.J. Jarrett is the second book in the Nehalem Pack series.

Victor Carsten loved his brothers, but he changed into an introverted man after witnessing his parent's death. He is afraid to get hurt again, so he has only superficial relations with the men he sees until he meets the man of his dreams, Shane. Shane has been on the run for years after his mother died saving his life. Shane immediately knows that Victor is his mate, but after they come together in one erotic scene he will never forget, Shane disappears without even exchanging names with Victor. Victor knows his messing around has caught up with him, but when his alpha's mate Aiden comes home smelling like his mate, Victor knows it is time to decide if he is strong enough to take a chance. Will Shan's past return and destroy Shane and Victor's chance for happiness?

The bond between the members of the Nehalem Pack was easy to understand, as they were willing to do whatever they needed to help each other. It was funny how they ganged up on Victor when they learned that he not only met Shane at Club Sin where they had sex, but he also didn't even know his name. Experiencing Victor's growth as he overcame his fear of love to become the strong man Shane needed was wonderful. Shane's loneness was apparent, so the acceptance and love he found with Victor and his pack was inspiring. It was sad to experience Victor's younger brother, Erik's anguish over missing his mate and I can't wait until it is time for his story!

Reviewed by: Teresa