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The Flame in
the Bowl:
Unbinding the

Marc Vun Kannon

Echelon Press


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The Flame in the Bowl: Unbinding the Stone

Tarkas is a simple Singer. When he inadvertently embarrasses members of his village, he must make restitution. As a sign of apology, he crafts a statue. Little does he know that the statue will be the conduit used by the Gods to change the course of his life. When a flame appears in the bowl, he is exiled from his village. He then begins a journey unlike any foretold in his songs. The Singer finds himself cast in the role of a Hero. Two companions join Tarkas on his journey. The three companions are an unlikely trio, but they find that they make a formidable team. Together they set out to right a wrong, a wrong that if left unchecked will change the balance of the world.

Marc Vun Kannon has created a unique and memorable fantasy tale. This fantasy tale is riddled with detailed descriptions and well-developed settings that bring the characters' experiences to the forefront. The story is filled with original, diverse characters who display personalities and characteristics that make them a joy to read. Readers will enjoy the banter between Khan and Tarkas. Mr. Vun Kannon leads the reader through the story with entertaining dialogue and descriptions. There are moments of action, despair, and humor. Each moment in the story, regardless of how seemingly inconsequential, ties into the much greater whole of Tarkas' journey. Marc Vun Kannon is very adept at taking small details and using them to enhance the overall story. If you enjoy a fantasy novel that has been carefully crafted, you will enjoy The Flame in the Bowl: Unbinding the Stone.

Reviewed by: Amanda

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