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Dancing in the

T.D McKinney

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Amber Quill Press


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Dancing in the Dark

An arrogant serial murderer is stalking and killing the women of sultry New Orleans and with each full moon another body is discovered; there have been over twenty victims so far. Special Agent Jack Niemczyk and his NOPD liaison Captain Remy Lambert have worked together on this case for months and are no closer to solving these murders than when they started. They turn to Alec de Leon and his woman Baby for help to find this killer, but to Jack’s surprise, get a lot more than they’ve bargained for.

Jack feels like he’s stepped into another world - one where nothing is as it should be and nothing makes sense; perhaps he has. He is sucked deeper and deeper into the web of his surroundings as the story unfolds, he can’t seem to get a handle on this case, and he’s started a very interesting relationship that will have serious repercussions.

Dancing in the Dark drew me in from the very first paragraph. There’s a jaded and unbelieving FBI operative, a boyishly good-looking Cajun cop, some wild, otherworldly vamps and a villain that drips pure evil; in short, everything needed for a phenomenal story is right at our fingertips. Dancing in the Dark is wonderfully gritty, terrifyingly authentic, and blackly humorous, with incredible paranormal elements and dramatic characters.

Reviewed by: Michelle

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