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S.L. Carpenter Interview

Hi Scott, thanks for taking time to talk with Fallen Angel Reviews. While trying to make this as painless as possible for you I'd like to ask you a few questions about S. L. (Scott) Carpenter. To get us started . . .

Tell us a little about Scott Carpenter the author, the cover artist and the man.

You mean the personal stuff or the DIRT? Personal is pretty basic. Wife, 3 kids, 3 cats, a dog, a hamster and a frog. I raise rubber chickens but that's more a deviant thing. Writing is my release. Other are habitual masturbators, I am a habitual writer. I just write what I feel like writing. Sex, humor and uhhhh, sex.

Cover art is a different kind of release and I love making something from nothing. Like a painting or my stories. I just follow the author's idea and make a cover that represents the mood, feel and tone of their book. I also get to scan the internet for erotic and nude photos. For research purposes only, of course.
You won some awards this past year for your cover art including several of the Predators and Editor's reader awards. On a personal level what was your reaction to that?

Stunned. Well, honestly I was proud of them. Most were for work I did with Lora Leigh. She gave me total creative control on her covers.
And on a professional level did it in any way effect your career?

Not really. It gave me a little more confidence maybe. I was really just excited that people voted for me and showed they liked what I had done. I do it for others.
I see a lot of comments about how beautiful your covers are and the main statement seems to be how wonderfully you capture the mood of the story and put it on the front for everyone to see. How do you manage that feat?

When I can I try to find out what the author really feels is the main feel of their book. I tend to use females on the covers because the books are about a time or decision in a woman's life.
I understand that you are the Art Director at Whiskey Creek Press Publishing. Tell us about that position and what all is involved with being Art Director of an e-publishing company.

It involves a LOT of work and time. Most of the books at WCP are printed novels so I need to manage the artists, the art style and I push to keep the author's vision in tact. Sometimes I have to be a little firm and just take over control of the book cover but most of the time, the authors work with the artists. My girls there are great.
If I'm an author and want Scott Carpenter to do the cover of my upcoming book, what do I need to do?

Just ask me. If you are published at Ellora's Cave, I get assignments through their art director. WCP, I have control and if I am asked for specifically I usually do the cover. Freelance work is all mine, lol. Some authors have had me do art for their books as a hired artist. Basically just ask.
If you had to choose between doing covers or writing which would you continue to do and why?

That's like asking me which testicle do I want to give up. Neither. I hope I never have to choose. Writing and Art are creative outlets. I love doing both.
Tell us how you came to be published with Ellora's Cave?

I sent in Strange Lust. They took a chance on me. I say it was a chance because:
#1 - I am a man writing romantic/erotica.
#2 - I don't write stories other places publish. They are a little off center.
Several of your books contain the shorter stories. Do you prefer writing short stories over full length books and if so why?

This is a tough one. I really like writing the quick, short story. It is hard to keep someone going with a humorous idea. The longer books are more in depth and tell an entire story instead of just a snippet of a situation.
You write the Partner's in Passion series with Sahara Kelly. Talk about writing with a "partner" as compared to writing solo.

Ahhhh, the secret. Writing with Sahara is a deeply sexual thing. But I never kiss and tell. She told me if I ever say anything there are some photos that I can't speak about. Sorry.
You hear a lot these days about working mom's and how hard it is to juggle marriage, career, kids and hobbies. You work a regular job, do covers, write, spend time with the family and hopefully make a little time for yourself. Here's your chance to speak for the men of the world and tell us how a husband and father juggles everything and stays sane.

Priorities. Family, friends, do what you can to keep everyone happy, do what you love and make love to your woman as much as you can.
When you sit down to write do you have things plotted out, at least in your mind, or do you just listen to the voices in your head and write what they say?

I tend to just flow. I write off the top of my head. I have ideas what I want to do with a character and the plot. (Sahara says I give great plot). For me it is more natural to just let it flow naturally. People don't talk in long rambling analogies about obscure things a lot. So I use "Uhhh", and slang in dialogue because that is reality.
Do you take a lot of ribbing from "the guys" about your writing?

Most of the guys don't know. I keep a lot of things to myself. They also might be weirded out to know their woman has gotten off by reading a story written by my author friends or me.
As a parent I've got to ask, do your kids know about your writing? If so how do they feel about it? If not, when and how do you think you'll tell them about it?

They don't know. Call me a hypocrite about this but I don't want them thinking daddy writes erotica. I am proud of what I write, they know about the humor books but my 10 yr old doesn't need to know. My oldest daughter will know sometime soon. I am going to RT and she asked me why.
Being as hind sight is 20/20, what are some things that you would have done differently in your life? Personal and career.

I am pretty happy with things. My personal life is good. I am lucky to have found a woman that lets me be a big kid, I still get to act like I breastfeed, my kids keep me grounded and I get to write and create things whenever I want.

Hmmm, probably going to the animation school after graduating. I would have loved to continue cartooning. Cover art has filled some of that void. I still draw cartoons every now and then.
At this moment in time twenty years from now, where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing?

I want to be between my wife's legs, eating a snack. Ohhh, you mean . . .sorry.
By then I want to be writing and creating full time.
OK, tell us what we can look forward to in the future from S. L. Carpenter. Books? Covers?

DARK LUST - at Ellora's Cave
Partners In Passion 3 - BLUE
Beaver Canyon 2
A paranormal parody story for an anthology
I have a million short story ideas brewing. Might do a Dark Lord book.

Cover art is always a continuing thing.
Oh almost forgot. Rumor has it that you are going to be at the Romantic Times Convention in St. Louis in April 2005. Since you're so reluctant to offer up a picture of yourself, how will the readers know you?

I'll be the guy looking lost and out of place with a rubber chicken hanging out of my pants.
Interviewed by: Missy

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