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Christine Feehan Interview

Christine, welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview. I just have to say, WooHoo Christine Feehan!!! Don't worry, I won't do that again. ;-)

Christine's website contains details and excerpts from all her books, information about the order of her different series as well as details of upcoming releases. If you haven't done so, check it out and join the member's section for special members only features.

Christine's latest book, Wild Rain, is due to be released at the beginning of February, and is the second book in the Leopard series.

Do you remember what it felt like when your first book was published? What was that like?
It was a very exciting and frightening time! There is nothing like the thrill of walking into a bookstore and seeing your book for the first time and holding it in your hands. As I frequented libraries and even worked in one as a teen, it was an even greater thrill to see my book in the library.
Did you always know you wanted to be an author, and a romance author at that?
I have always written books and stories, even as a child. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I wrote books, but in all honesty, my life was consumed with children and martial arts. Writing was my escape. I love action and intrigue and read those books, devouring those especially, but if there is not a romance in them, I am not satisfied, so I've always written romance into my action/thrillers and intrigues, just for the sheer love of a happy ending.
What made you decide to write paranormal romance?
I write all kinds of books. It just so happened that I love paranormal and was writing them like crazy and a friend asked to read one. She insisted I send it in and to keep her quiet, I did. The rest is history.
Do you always start at the beginning of the book or do scenes or events appear to you?
I HAVE to have a first chapter. My first chapter can take as many months or weeks to write as the entire rest of the book. If it isn't perfect the rest of the book won't unfold for me.
What do you find most rewarding about being a writer?
I love the adventure of writing, never knowing where the characters are going to take me. It's like a wonderful movie playing in my head, but I get to direct everything! I love to read, but I'm a fast reader and writing prolongs the enjoyment. I get to spend time with the characters and in the setting and I just have the best time.
Are there any other genres of books you intend to write in the future?
I love to write contemporary. I like the here and now and I love mystery and intrigue as well. The wonderful thing about writing is, there are no real limitations other than my own imagination.
Has there been a person or event in your life that is instrumental to your writing?
Everything in my life has been instrumental to my writing. Experiences and emotions are what go into books to make them real. Martial Arts of course, battered women, my love of exotic animals, and of course my own experiences with trauma. The loss of my son prompted me writing the Dark series in the first place. I recently met a woman I admire very much, Tory Canzonetta of Destiny Big Cat Sanctuary If there is any one person who would inspire a book, it would be Tory. Everything about her is amazing. Please do check out her website and I'm certain you'll agree.
As a writer, what do you look for in the books you read?
Strong, believable characters I can care about. Action. Suspense. Intrigue. Emotion and a happy ever after.
What was your inspiration for the 'GhostWalker' series? Where did the idea for psychic abilities and elite military soldiers come from?
I've always loved Robert Ludlum's books. My personal favorite is the Bourne Identity and I have always thought of that as a perfect romance. It has all the elements I love in it and the heroine was brainy and without her, the hero would have been toast! Although the movie of Bourne Identity was good, as usual, they took out the strong heroine and replaced her with fluff. I wanted to combine my love of the paranormal with science and introduce strong heroines who were gutsy, brainy and could be an equal player in the storyline. I'd been thinking for some time about doing a GhostWalker series and was delighted when my editor loved the idea.
You have 4 series going at the same time. I won't ask you if you have a favorite because I can't pick one either. So my question is this, how do you keep the series straight? When you're writing, have you ever accidentally given a Carpathian characteristic to a Leopard character?
I think the style of each book is a bit different because the characters demand it. The Dark series is the easiest because I've written so many, although recently I completed Dark Secret and it was more difficult than I had anticipated, although the characters were extremely strong, but the setting and plot made weaving the paranormal elements into it much more difficult. The Drake sisters are easy. I live in the area where I set their stories and I have ten sisters. The tone, in spite of elements of suspense, is much lighter. My leopard series is more difficult because building a world off myths and legends that are less known and even sparse in comparison to the vampire realm, is complicated. I love the setting and am familiar with the water systems and the troubles they have and I know quite a bit about wildlife, but getting that world down is definitely the most difficult.
As I didn't ask you about your favorite series, I won't ask you if you have a favorite couple…BUT (lol) to me, in the 'Dark' (Carpathian) series, Mikhail and Raven, Gregori and Savannah are the most memorable. For you, do any of your couples linger, refuse to go away or try to work their way into other stories?
Yes, I'll admit for me it was Darius and Tempest. He just was amazing to me. And of all my heroines, she probably had more of my actual traits. I really loved them. Outside of that series, my all time favorite couple has to be Nicolas and Dahilia from Mind Games. I absolutely love both of them. The sad truth is, authors love their characters because in all that time of writing, they become friends, family, someone you love and want to know more about. Hopefully your readers feel the same way.
We've all heard that sometimes characters demand to have their stories told, and won't leave the author alone until they've written that character's story. We all know the Carpathian males can be very demanding, who was most demanding about having his story told?
Jacques. I had no intention of writing about him at all, at least not for a very long time. When I wrote Dark Prince, I assumed Gregori's book would be next, but he remained silent and Jacques shouted at me day and night. The most difficult was Lucian. I threw everything at him but the kitchen sink and NOTHING ruffled him. sigh I had such wonderful scenes in mind, but he just handled everything his way.
I discovered Dark Prince during a not so good time in my life. My husband had just been sent to Iraq and reading was my salvation. I read the series one right after another until I got to Dark Legend. Did you always intend for Dark Prince to turn into a series and if you did, did you see so many books after?
I wrote this book during a very dark time in my life and I needed to feel there was a way back. I felt without emotion and felt as if I were going through the motions and needed just to feel again. I love the series for that reason. All the dark times in my life and in the lives of women I've known can be turned around here, in this world of Carpathians. As for Iraq and the dark series, I'm fortunate to be able to have a group of soldiers who love the books and read them. I'm honored to be able to hear their points of view on them. It's nice to know a single series of books has helped so many people in so many different ways and situations. I am very humbled by that.
What I really want to know is if Hannah is going to be paired with Jonas in their own book, but I doubt you'll let that slip (little hint or blurb please). J So what I'll ask is this, when the all seven 'Drake Sisters' are done, are they really done? Or will we see some next generation stories?
I never close out any possibility if I can help it. I never know what character is going to come forward and jump out at me. Who knows. Maybe there will be more! I hope so. I love the books, but I always have other ideas in my head and by the time I'm finished, I'll have started something new that intrigues me.
What can you tell me about Wild Rain?
I loved the book. I loved the characters. I felt Rachael was a strong heroine and deserved a man as wonderful as Rio. I loved the rainforest and hope to revisit it again soon.
Do you already know where the series is heading or how many books there will be?
I honestly have no idea at this time.
Elijah *sigh* when will we see his story?
Again I'm pleading ignorance. I write the stories as they push forward. He was a strong character and I hope to be able someday to write his story, but have not the foggiest yet when I will hear from him. I hope soon.
What else can we expect from you in 2004 and in the coming years?
I have a terrific line-up in 2004. Wild Rain of course is out. In July Dark Destiny will be out. The heroine is my first female vampire hunter. Mind Game will be released in August. The hero in Mind Game is extraordinary and the heroine probably will go down as my all time favorite. In September, Hot-Blooded will be released, an anthology with Emma Holly and Angela Knight, two very hot writers so get a fan. My story is titled Dark Hunger and is set in South America. Last but not least is Miracles. I'm thrilled to share the book with talented Susan Sizemore. My story is titled Rocky Mountain Miracle and has a dynamite tortured hero, a teenage boy and wonderful heroine with a talent for drawing all kinds of animals to her. In the coming years I hope to provide my readers with all kinds of exciting reads!
Is there anything you like to add to this interview?
Just to say thank you to all my readers. I enjoy sharing my worlds with you so much and love to hear from you. Please stop by my website and visit. I have all sorts of information and fun things for everyone. Thank you to Jaymi and Fallen Angel Reviews for giving me this opportunity to share with my readers.
Christine, again thank you for your time. I have read Wild Rain and it was excellent! The readers are in for a real treat with this one. Please, visit us again soon.

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