Saskia Walker Interview

Today I have the opportunity to interview Saskia Walker.

Saskia, it is so good to have you with us today! Welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews and thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to visit with us.
Thank you, Linda. Iím a big fan of Fallen Angel Reviews and itís lovely to be here.

Why donít we begin with what projects you are working on? Would you like to tell us what is going on?
Itís an exciting time. A few weeks ago my single title novel, DOUBLE DARE, was signed by Berkley for their new Heat line and Iím expecting edits for that any day now. Meanwhile, Iím finishing up AGAINST THE GRAIN (a futuristic erotic romance novella) for my e-publisher, Loose Id. When thatís done Iíll be gathering together my new ideas and plotting them out fully. Iíve got three new projects shouting for attention in my head Ė it can get really crowded in there.

What was the very first story you wrote unpublished?
I first wanted to write a book when I was twelve years old. Iíd discovered romance novels and decided then I wanted to be an author. I began an adventure romance about a violet-eyed heroine called Miranda. Miranda worked as a secretary in a police station and was asked to go undercover for a secret agent who was too ill to go on the job. Her task was to recover the stolen jewels of a grand dame, but Miranda was going to fall for the bad guy, who (as it turns out) has a darned good reason for stealing the gems. Exciting stuff, when youíre twelve years old. I have to confess Miranda's tale remains unfinished - shame on my twelve-year-old self. Iím going to type up what was written for my website, to give my readers a laugh. Itís rather over the top - as you might expect from a young lady with a very vivid imagination.

When I started writing seriously, as an adult, I tried fantasy and erotica, both in short story length. I sent out my first efforts and they were both contracted. That strong start was very important to me because it kept me going through many later rejections. The erotic writing turned out to be my strong point, although I'd love to write a big fantasy book one day.

How did you feel when you got the news about your first contract?
I was thrilled - hands shaking, tearful, happy, dancing around, the whole thing - but also disbelieving. It took a while to really sink in. A dream had come true. Someone enjoyed my writing, they thought it was fun and should be read by others. That first contract was for a Black Lace short story. When I moved onto longer projects and was signed by Red Sage for the SECRETS series, it was just incredible - doubly exciting, because I was the first British author and I didn't think I stood a chance. I have to say I still feel that way every time I get an acceptance, receive a contract, see a book cover with my name on it or have a release day. Those days are truly fiesta time around here. I donít think that joy will ever go away and we hope it never will, we like to party!

Do you have an agent or ever considered getting one?
Towards the end of 2005 things started moving really fast for me. DOUBLE DARE was taken by Berkley and I felt it was the right time to get an agent. I approached Roberta Brown, my dream agent, and I was thrilled to bits when she said she liked my work and agreed to represent me. Roberta is a terrific lady and has taught me a lot already. I love working with her.

If you had the opportunity to be paired with a famous writer, living or dead to compose a book, who would you choose?
Ooh, I feel like a kid in a candy store! In fact Iíve just passed three splendid hours dreaming of numerous authors to be paired with, but I think it would have to be George Eliot, a classic author I love. I could learn so much from her.

Does the inspiration strike when you wish to write or are ideas already flowing in your head?
The ideas are pretty much always flowing and I have stacks of scribbled notes everywhere. I get frustrated when things prevent me from getting them written down.

Are your characters sometimes based on real people or made up?
Always made up. I decide the characteristics of the person first and then build the rest around that, deciding what they will look like from their lifestyle and character. After the event, I often see film or TV personalities and think, ď thatís kind of what my character looks likeĒ and I have put a few images on my site, just for fun for the readers.

What would surprise your readers to know about you?
I held and fed a lion cub when I was in Africa as a teenager. He was being reared at a lion sanctuary outside Johannesburg. His name was James, he was four months old and massive! His paw was as big as my hand, and yet he was feeding out of a bottle like a baby. It was an awesome experience.

Have you set any goals for future writing?
Yes, now that Iíve broken into novel writing, Iíd like to write at least two big books a year, along with a couple of novellas and several short stories. There are so many stories to tell.

Do you ever run into trouble when you are working on a story with the characters or the storyline?
Sometimes I make it difficult for myself by skipping ahead to scenes Iím keen to write, (very naughty!) Then I struggle when I have to go back to the link scenes Iíve missed out. If Iím having trouble with a plot angle I turn to my Real Life Hero, Mark, and we brainstorm together. Heís a great help.

What is a day like in the life of Saskia Walker?
A sprawling mess of a thing! Iím a full time writer now, (another dream come true, something Iíve worked towards for years,) and very much my own boss. I love that, but I start my day slow and potter around the house in between writing scenes (while the next sentences are simmering in my head.) I often end up gathering speed just when I want to be winding down for the night. Iím trying to be more organized with my time, because Iíd like to be keeping more regular hours.

Do you have a website other than this one that you would like to share?
Thatís the spot. Readers can find out all about me and my work there, and Iíve put some of my thoughts about writing (and writing erotic content) up there too. Iím going to be adding more fun pages for the novels soon, and then thereís poor old neglected Miranda and her story to addÖ

Do you have a link where anyone can buy your books that you would like to share with us?
Iíve had work published by several different publishers, but everything is listed on my site with links to buy from both the UK and the US, so thatís the best place to find out what Iíve go out now and whatís coming soon.

Saskia, I would like to thank you for sharing time with us today. For anyone who would like to read more about Saskia and her fabulous books be sure to take a look at her website. You donít want to miss all the books that she has out and her future works. It has been a pleasure talking with you and best of luck to you in your writing career.
Thank you! I enjoyed thinking about your questions.

Interviewed by: Linda L